• UX Research Intern — Digital platform for healthcare in rural Maharashtra – Design and Reflections, 2018. IIIT Bangalore.


  • Qualitative Researcher — Financial practices of visually impaired people in India, 2020. (Independent Research)
  • UX Research Intern — Games for Motor Rehabilitation therapy for Children on the Autism Spectrum, 2019. Microsoft Research.
  • UX Research Intern — Effect of inaccessibility of digital platforms on democracy in the age of online journalism for persons with visual impairment, 2018-19. Microsoft ResearchPresented at the 10th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTDX), in an open session with Divya Siddarth, et al.
  • Design Ethnographer — Employment for autistic youth in the digital economy, 2018. EHealth Research Centre – IIIT Bangalore.